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next year will be the 30 anniversary of the birth of Brand Jordan, so the brand will set off a wave of unprecedented in the next year. A few days ago, there is a specially prepared for the 30 anniversary of the Jordan Air 1 "Laser" on the Internet for the first time. Shoes with simple white gray tone, shoes full special laser patterns, supplemented by 3M reflective material swoosh, and insole 30 words highlights the special status. There is no exact information on shoes. we never care about the news, you look at the end, there are endless micro-blog WeChat search, Dunkhome, press carry shoes whenever and wherever possible. Source: kandbar yesterday in the NBA for a total of five games, undoubtedly one of the focus of the war, James led the Cavaliers sits at home against Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks, but James play disorders, full 8 turnovers, Anthony is anger cut 25 minutes away a victory, in another Tingley clippers and team competition, Wei little retired hur cheap foamposites t, according to after the doctor check report said Granville less right the second metacarpal suffered slight fracture. It is reported such injuries need 6-8 weeks of training time. Fighting game is as follows: the Clippers 93-90 thunder, the Knicks 95-90 knight, 120-102 Mavs jazz, Timberwolves 97-91 piston, wizards 105-98 magic, below together yesterday players feet shoes it. Anthony Cameron - Melo Jordan M10 PE- Nike Zoom Soldier 8 PEstoudemirJR. Smith - Kobe Nike 9 EliteIman · Adidas Crazy 8sweet Alpert;Kaili Erwin - 2014LowNikeHyperdunkLebron - James - Nike LeBron 12 PEs· - Nike LeBron Yang Thaddeus; 11 Low "China" Andrew Dwiggins - adidas CrazyLightBoostPE.John - adidasJ Wall 1wal.Alfred - Payton - Nike Kobe 9 EMLance Thomas - Nike . Air Penny 5 "Invisibility Cloak "Chris - Douglas - Roberts - Air Jordan 20Blake · Griffin - Jordan Super.Fly 3 PE;Jamal · Crawford BRANDBLACK J. Crossover 2; Dirk Novitsky - Nike Hyperdunk 2012 PEChan jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black dler · Parsons ANTA CP25;- Air Jordan 13. Monta Ellis "Hologram" Andre Miller - Reebok Answer 14.- Nike Zoom Hyperrevgoodden- Nike Hyperdunk 2014LowNielsenAIKE Sam - 〉James's layup prevent James drove to the basket like prevent a freight train out of orbit, he is so hard to defend. It is also the he included in our list of reasons, James can use strong body bounce defender, then relaxed the ball into the basket. long multi pass Rondo is on the basketball court magician, his passing is selfless, which makes other teammates for the benefit of broad, fake pass, while not gifted, but effective and practical will become the defender's nightmare. Jump stop Paul when the 2010-11 season, the Clippers without Paul, the Clippers record only poor 32 wins, 50 losses, but when Paul during the 2011-12 season after joining the clippers, the team's record transformed was 40 wins and 26 losses, and let the team in the playoff regulars, and Paul's deadly kill actio Retro jordans for sale n in addition to the organization, to breakthrough and emergency stop jump shot. Ross's breakthrough cast although Ross because of a torn ligament will miss most of the 2012-13 season game, but he will still in our list, he breaks through cast is his signature move, rather surprising and difficult to defend, cited a famous saying of Muhammad Ali described Ross's movement was the most appropriate, "light such as butterfly dance, sharp as a bee sting", Ross's cast is so sharp. Kobe's fake action extraordinary in today's NBA, Bryant is one of the most respected players, respect is respect, but Bryant tend to be playing at the hands of the defender, he can easily using dummied defensive player, then the easy basket, and in many cases the defender will lose the center of gravity, which is belong to Bryant's offensive routines, very scientific and attack. Manu Ginobili's two step layup Ginobili's layup two steps in the league is very difficult to have comparable to jordans on sale online the people, which often make his score very easy, for the defender, Manu Ginobili's signature move called the notorious, but as long as he stay on the field is a deadly threat. less violent breakthrough Granville less explosive breakthrough, totally see is explosive, highly ornamental, resembling a small version of James, but with more speed and ornamental, also is very easy to be injured. Shadowstep Wade wade Shadowstep (also known as Europe), is in fact in Manu Ginobili of Europe, but Wade interpretation of the more clever, usually playing at the hands of the opponent, but Wade this play also relatively easy to wounded knee. Crawford, behind double changed to behind NBA will do so, the coherence of elegant, with dual to only Crawford. Parke turned Parke is definitely not the fastest, but has to say that he is one of the best players to combine speed and rhythm.was inspired by the harsh winter in Boston, and Saucony introduced the GRID 9000 "Dirty Snow" color s buy cheap jordans online cheme. Vamp with a black and white staggered pattern textured canvas fabric, bottom loaded GRID cushioning system, translucent crystal background with reflective shoelaces make this money more, and the world's limited edition 1500 double in China area only assigned to 50 pairs of . January 1, 2016 will be part of the domestic 3NITY and Saucony counters shelves, priced at 969 yuan. Nike Air Max 95, popular in Asia, was officially returned at birth at 20th anniversary. In addition to maintaining the primary color of the OG, the use of Jacquard uppers and seamless uppers of Ultra, Nike this time for the Air Max 95 launched the iD option for creative friends free custom shoe style. The user can choose different color in the bottom, and air cushion shoe buckle detail parts, also can choose material and ink snakeskin texture in the bottom iD Air Max exclusive elements to create the one and only 95, interested friends may wish to quickly click here to customize!in Ori Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ginals ZX Flux Adidas color design, the brand has always been to spare no effort. Overwhelmed by the foot locker bring black camouflage exclusive color, black uppers with blue camouflage texture, equipped with white torsion in the bottom, low-key and there is no lack of dazzling place. It is reported that the color can be purchased through the Locker Foot, priced 100 Australian dollars. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: Locker FootGreen Nike Green Speed ??2013-12-08 22:17:25 Nike launched this summer, the lightest ever fastest and most environmentally friendly football shoes. As the name suggests "Green Speed" - green speed boots. This unique product, to the light to fast in the tide, shoes in any sport are followed this feature. However, for the air jordan 11 space jam for sale shoe designer's requirements will be higher. Prior to shine assassin and other European Cup on four pairs of shoes also in this concept came into being. Low-carbon environment is another goal we are pursuing, Nike GS emergence accomplished this goal. from the upper to the outsole are recyclable material. Outsole material mainly from castor seeds, but the insole is 100% castor seeds. Laces, lining and tongue at least 70% recycled material, Nike GS individual components are optimized to reduce weight and waste, to single 160 grams (US9) the weight of the lightest become nike soccer shoes. Nike GS floor both elastic and flexible backplane is Pebax Renu (a kind of 97% from the castor bean plant-derived material) and 50% of TPU plate (32 percent renewable materials). This legend floor plate than the previous 15% lighter. Traction board contains minimalist diamond-shaped silhouette spine sport outsole provides optimal flexibility and quick response. Netvibes positio cheap air jordans ning studs provide fast reactions to bits and moving rapidly. Solvent-free microfiber artificial kangaroo leather uppers have a good touch and provide zonal reinforcement and ball, microfiber material used to lock in the foot at the arch of the foot, three-dimensional plane asymmetrical heel lock solution provided the foot support and stability. Nike GS has been conducted secret tests, Neymar test all black shoes, there had been, but we do not know that Nike GS. The new Nike boots green speed. Nike GS may be listed on August 15, the listed price will be $ 300. this double Air Jordan 13 whole pair has been transformed into the "Dark Knight" villain character "Joker (Clown)" concept! From the details of the photos, shoes custom artist PKZUNIGA pigment deep skill, the overall visual feeling is quite clean; especially touched Air Jordan 13 shoes who know both sides of material is very special and not a plane, but also presents visual ink inside, really great! B jordans on sale mens ritish don't note tide shop oki-ni recently launched a new adidas - Stan Smith Safety Lo, and before the launch of the Wilhelm Bungert using the same don't note the purple and green color, it seems this season oki-ni seems to be pushing this color oh... download (15.71, KB) Download (13.77 KB) Download (13.91 KB) Download (13.73 KB) Download (13.8 KB)Nike Basketball recently announced the Kobe Bryant tribute to occupation career and the special production of Black series of Mamba Kobe 7 FTB. 81 point to the paranoia that many basketball fans can shuttle time may as the acme of perfection, Kobe Bryant's basketball career has entered the sunset, but the strong gas field is enough to destroy any opponent's confidence, but also to create special Nike Zoom Kobe series is one of the more you love basketball equipment up to the National People's Congress, and the seventh generation of Kobe the NBA debut set off a frenzied pursuit. Use the lightweight design for jordan 3 katrina 2018 the low added in the boot configuration, so as to better protect the safety of the ankle movement, combined with the upper fiber material and Flywire technology to achieve a durable effect, but the bottom than before and has been greatly improved, the massive injection of carbon fiber materials so that the whole arch can maximize the ability to bounce in the fierce game. item: 869460-442 release date: April 6thPrice: nike-kobe-7-ftb-fade-to-black-mamba-pack-2.jpg (287.75 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 7 FTB Black Mamba 2016-3-24 09:35 upload nike-kobe-7-ftb-fade-to-black-mamba-pack-3.jpg (492.76 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 7 FTB Black Mamba 2016-3-24 09:35 upload nike-kobe-7-ftb-fade-to-black-mamba-pack-4.jpg (194.69 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 7 FTB Black Mamba 2016-3-24 09:35 upload nike-kobe-7-ftb-fade-to-black-mamba-pack.jpg (252.74 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 70 under the pressure of RMB appreciation, nearly 2000 shoe-making enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have abandoned their export trade in order to protect themselves. Some shoes enterprises bluntly, "if the U.S. dollar against the central price of RMB rose to 6.2 to 6.5 yuan, will consider changing or moving out.". the Shanghai Securities News reported that the continuous appreciation of the renminbi, the traditional export industry, the footwear industry has become the heart of the worries and worries. RMB appreciation this year, the first quarter of the cumulative appreciation of more than 4% yuan; 12 this month, the U.S. dollar against the central parity of RMB has risen by 6.91, a record high since the exchange rate reform. RMB appreciation of the situation and the expected appreciation Shirupozhu the continuation of shoes industry as the representative of the traditional labor-intensive production and export industries have the most severe impact. Guangdong foreign economic and Trade Bureau officials believe that the situation of foreign trade is very optimistic, "this year is the most difficult year in history.". Guangzhou customs statistics, from 1 to February this year, the Pearl River Delta region to participate in export shoes enterprises have 1512, down 1855. Among them, the private sector decreased by 1484 compared with the same period last year, 92 foreign-invested enterprises and 23 state-owned enterprises. Asia Footwear Association survey shows last year to Dongguan, Guangdong, Huizhou and other places have more than 1000 shoe factories and related enterprises, some active business failures, or seized by the court, even moved to other areas. the Fujian import and Export Corporation said that there were 5% of the gross profit. Today, the appreciation of the renminbi, the current export earnings may not be able to maintain 2% to 3%, and sometimes even lose money. it is understood that, as a sports shoes production base in Jinjiang, there have been 20% to 30% of small shoe factories closed down. The exchange rate uncertainty, so many export shoes enterprises or foreign trade enterprises is difficult to determine the price of exports, resulting in some shoe has not received a single or do not want to take, even after receiving a single active breach of contract. footwear practitioners said, many Dongguan Hong Kong shoes enterprises have moved to Chengdu or Jiangxi, trading companies transfer to vietnam. But Guangdong's foreign business development companies shoe department Liang Shaosheng believes that the mainland lack of information, while the labor cost is low, but other costs may increase, such as logistics cost, drive to Vietnam, is also facing the problem of supporting. the last century, 60s, the world footwear center in Italy, in 70s transferred to Japan and South Korea, transferred to Taiwan in 80s, transferred to Canton in 90s